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Pros and Cons of Online Shopping in the Internet Age

Rita Cropper/ June 29, 2018/ Shopping

Online shopping today is gaining popularity given the simplicity and convenience. With millions of people nationwide active on the internet, it seems logical selling your products right there. More businesses are exploiting online sales to boost their physical stores which are bound by location and reach. A while back, the internet could only be accessed by developed countries. Nevertheless, new technologies such as investments in the fiber optic cables have increased internet accessibility worldwide. At every given moment, there are hundreds of millions in potential customers using the web. To understand more about the new phenomena briefly highlighted are some of the Pro and Cons of Online Shopping.



A customer saves a great deal of time and energy by shopping right in the comfort of their home or workplace. The time that would have been spent in the mall buying items is saved. In most cases, online shopping is accompanied by delivery services right at your doorstep. Shopping online gives the shopper the opportunity to visit several stores by merely looking at their websites. This seems much easier than driving to several stores and comparing prices. While visiting different websites, the shopper can compare prices and narrow down to a product that meets their budget and quality standard. Convenience and ease of shopping. Buying a good or service is only a simple click away. Online stores operate 24 hours a day giving the customer the privilege of shopping whenever they please. To remain competitive, online stores offer their clients a wide variety of products. Online stores will not have problems such as limited showcase space in the shop. A website can have a catalog of hundreds or thousands of products. The buyer also gets the opportunity to make a sound purchase decision without coercion from an aggressive salesperson.



Once the product purchase is made, you have to wait till it is delivered to your doorstep. If the urgency to use your product is immediate, online shopping might not be the best solution. One cannot try out their product without making a down payment. As an online shopper, you have to go with your gut and hope that you are making the right purchase decision. Shipping costs are factored in the selling price of any given commodity. Most companies set high shipping costs to offset their delivery expenses. Also, if the product is shipped cross borders, you will be liable to taxation. With rising security concerns, online payments made through credit and debit cards pose security concerns. Always ensure that the mode of payment adopted is secure. There is a possibility that the product might incur damage while in transit. This might stretch on for several days before the company does a replacement. If unchecked, excessive shopping habits can develop. Unwanted expenditure arising from shopaholics with poor self-control over their shopping habits. In worst case scenarios, such shoppers pile on themselves huge credit card bills and debt. In situations where you are billed erroneously, correcting the situation may drag on for several days before correction is made.


online shoppingConclusion

If you are a first-time online shopper, take time to find out safety tips for online shopping. Relatives and friends who have done it before can be of great help. Weigh the pros and cons and arrive at a suitable decision.…

Benefits of Shopping Malls

Dorothy McKenzie/ October 17, 2016/ Shopping Malls

The idea of shopping malls has intrigued many business people. They set up their shops in a rented space in the malls, and this benefits them greatly. Many shopping malls are located in prime areas that are easy to access therefore they attract a large customer base. Here are some of the benefits of shopping malls.

Parking Facilities

Most shopping malls are large, and they have enough parking space. They are built in such a way that the parking spaces can accommodate as many cars as possible. This spares the shoppers of the hassle of looking for parking spots that are safe. Many people, therefore, prefer to do their shopping in malls because of that fact.

Variety of Products

fscgcgscsgdA mall is the most convenient place to shop at when one wants to buy a range of products and even services. It accommodates different types of shops, and therefore one can get almost everything in one location. For example home appliances, beauty products, banking services among others. They do not move from place to place in search of different products as they can easily get them in one area.

Extra Facilities

All malls have extra facilities like restrooms. This is very useful because sometimes, customers need to use them. It beats ordinary shops where one has to wait to get to the nearest washrooms or even get home. Those who need to freshen up could also use them. The best thing about them is that they are regularly cleaned therefore they are convenient and comfortable to use.

Food Courts

Shopping malls also have good restaurants. There are different food stores that open up their franchises in malls. It has become a popular thing in almost all malls. Shoppers can stop by a food court and eat whenever they feel like.


Most shopping malls also have cinemas which are a good source of entertainment. Many people like having a good time at the cinemas catching up with their favorite movies. It is also a good way to unwind after a long week, and after shopping, it is not a bad idea to catch a movie with a friend or family.

Gaming Zones

Gaming zones are becoming popular in malls. Children enjoy this sector. Adults also game, and if they do not have gaming facilities in their homes, the malls offer them the opportunity.
Shopping malls are becoming hang out joints because not only is it convenient to shop there, there are so many activities that go on that are fun.…